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The next "Paul Newman"? Patek Philippe Ref.5960A
The chronograph is a very worthwhile species in the mechanical watch. Because it will interact with users, products with such functions are not only more interesting, but also have a very high threshold for their production. Compared with the minute repeater, the timing is much "cheaper" and has a larger mass base.

replica watches uk Each period has a representative chronograph, which has both the general level of the contemporaries and its own characteristics. Around the 1940s, the iconic model I think is the Longines Ref.5699. It is upgraded and transformed with Longines' famous self-produced 13ZN movement. This one is called "Doppia Lancetta" in Italy, which translates to "double pointer", which does not refer to the rattrapante function. Instead, it means that in addition to the hour and minute hands of the travel time, there are also the second and minute hands of the timing.

Normally, a chronograph only has a chronograph second hand in the middle. The extra red pointer of Ref.5699 is the central chronograph minute hand, and the small dial at 3 o’clock is the chronograph hour hand.

Cheap replica watches uk The traditional chronograph style in the 1940s + the unique central chronograph minute hand made Ref.5699 the target of many collectors.